Conditions concluded between company “Oktaryna Grzegorz Kornijów”, hereinafter referred to as “Company” or “Archiwum”, tax identification number NIP: 9462658129, REGON: 363828137, with its seat in Lublin at ul. Rynek 8, 20-111 Lublin
and the recipient of the service, hereinafter referred to as “Player”

1. General provisions
1.1. The following Regulations specify the rules of booking by Players through website, hereinafter referred to as “Website”, and the course of the game.
1.2. Each Player is obliged to read the Regulations before booking through the Website, and before commencing the game.
1.3. The Player is obliged to follow the Regulations and provisions of the binding law in the process of booking through the Website and during the game.
2. Booking
2.1. Booking occurs through the Website under domain or or its sub domains, such as e.g. or
2.2. Booking occurs through:
a) selection of the city in which the Player books the game;
b) selection of the room in which the Player books the game;
c) selection of day and time of the game;
d) provision of personal data of the Player (first and last name, email address, mobile number;
e) selection of payment method;
f) declaration on reading and accepting the Regulations;
g) booking confirmation;
2.3. Group bookings (more than three games in one day) must be paid in total not later than three days before the game. Otherwise, Archiwum reserves the right to cancel the booking.
2.4. By making a booking, the Player agrees to storing and processing of the provided personal data by the Company for the purpose of ensuring booking of the game and contact with the Player.
3. Payment
3.1. Prices specified on the Website are gross prices, and include VAT.
3.2. Payments can be made by PayU system integrated with the Website, or by cash at Archiwum.
3.3. The payment is charged before commencing the game.
4. Vouchers
4.1. Vouchers entitling to a free game are issued exclusively by Archiwum, and are numbered on an individual basis.
4.2. The voucher can be used within the term specified on the voucher.
4.3. The validity of the voucher cannot be prolonged.
4.4. The voucher entitles to a free game in any of the rooms and in any term, unless the content of the voucher stipulates otherwise.
4.5. The voucher cannot be exchanged to cash.
4.6. The voucher is valid for its holder.
4.7. The “virtual voucher” has a form of a unique password, and is not issued in the printed form or any other physical form.
4.8. In order to participate in the game, the holder of the voucher must make a booking through the Website, and select “Voucher” as the payment method.
5. Game
5.1. The Players play the game out of their own will and to their own responsibility.
5.2. The game cannot be played by persons:
a) below 12 years of age;
b) below 15 years of age without adult supervision;
c) under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other intoxicating agents;
d) suffering from claustrophobia, epilepsy, schizophrenia;
e) under psychiatric treatment.
5.3. The game lasts for 60 minutes. The time of the game cannot be prolonged.
5.4. The Players are obliged to appear at Archiwum not later than 10 minutes before the booked time of the game.
5.5. The Players are responsible for the equipment of the rooms of Archiwum.
5.6. The Players acknowledge that they are observed through cameras for the purpose of ensuring their safety.
6. Personal data
6.1. Personal data are collected and processed by the Company in accordance with the binding legal provisions.
6.2. Declarations concerning personal data can be cancelled by the Player at any time with a future effect by sending relevant information to the email address or in writing to the address of the seat of the Company.